Industrial Animation

Gone are the days of static marketing material. Today you need something exciting to woo the buying impulse of your customers. Why settle for flat, low-textured, lifeless, poorly lit, badly composed, computer-generated graphics? Industrial animation in today’s market is one the most popular means of visual communication globally. The art has its applications in automotive, mining, oil, automobile, aeronautical industries and automation. With our 3d technology you can virtually make a machine and show how it works without ever a piece of it being assembled in real life. We model any shape you can imagine and we have the accuracy needed to design, prototype, manufacture, analyze, and engineer anything from an aircraft to a watch in 3d.

We Also Offer :

  • Marketing Presentations
  • Machine Mechanisms
  • 3D Industrial Automation
  • Product Exhibition video
  • Corporate Identity
  • Letterheads, Business cards
  • Package Designing
  • Fliers & Pamphlets
  • CD Design & Publishing
  • Broadcast Videos
  • Infomercials
  • 3D Science & Engineering Experiments
  • 3D Business Charts
  • Logo Animations
  • Product Demonstration
  • 3D Mechanical Visualization
  • Surgical Simulation
  • Animatics
  • 360 Degree Panoramic View
  • YouTube Videos

About Fresco Animation

Fresco Animation was conceived and established in November 2010 as a creative lab to bring out the best in a group of fiercely creative young minds. Specializing in custom design solutions for various film making areas such as 3d animation, corporate film making, documentaries, industrial animation, product demonstration etc. we use our talents and skills to bring your concept to life on various forms of media. With a team of creative visualizers and technical gurus, we have come together with a common goal to leverage our collective past industry experience and build a high quality studio we can be proud of.